Human Resource Business Consulting

Best Practice HR Performance Management Process

We design and implement the entire HR Performance Management Process as the basis for Strategic People Development.

We provide solutions for the key instruments and systems of each phase.

We focus on Talent Screening, systematic People Development and psychologial based Leadership Development.

We are certified (Testzentrale/Hogrefe Apparatezentrum der Schweizer Psychologen AG) GPOP consultants and trainer.

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Phase I

Brand Values and Derived Competences

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  • Job and value related Competence Model

Job related refers to defining expectations for particular (leadership) roles and to assess individual performance to those expectations.

Value related refers to a core group of competences describing behaviors, attitudes and actions that are supporting the company’s values.

The model is a fundamental framework for: HR Marketing and Recruiting, Assessments, 360° Feedback, Succession Planning and more.

Phase II

Expectation Architecture

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  • Dimension: Behavior
    Definition of Proficiency Levels
  • Dimension: Objectives
    Definition of Performance Levels

Phase III

Set Goals and Objectives

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  • Performance Measurement
  • Feedback on regular basis
  • Individual Business Coaching
  • Toolset for Motivational Management

For individual Performance Coaching or personality based Self-assessment we use MBTI and Golden Profiler of Personality (GPOP)

Phase IV

Performance Review

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  • Performance Check and Review
  • Performance Appraisal with 360° Feedback
  • Potential Evaluation
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Compensation and Benefits Model

Phase V

Talent Screening

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  • High Potential Check and Approval
    • Potential Assessment
    • Feedback Center
    • Strategic Check

Phase VI

Systematic People Development

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  • Talent Management Program
    • Development Roadmap
    • Training Modules
    • Individual Coaching (GPOP/MBTI)
  • Identification of High Impact Positions
  • Career Path Definition
  • Succession Plan
  • Leadership Training


Process Management

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Assessment, (Re-) Design and Implementation of the HR Performance Management Process itself